Hey ya all,
I’ve spent the last weekend coding with Ruby again for the RailsRumble contest working on a crazy idea we came up a couple of days before the contest actually started.

It’s GitHug. We’ve always enjoyed GitHub but we’ve never been able to discover new interesting repositories through the site itself. So we created this simple service that applies a really basic (quite dumb) machine learning algorithm to try to learn from your activity on GitHub in order to suggest you repositories that may be of interest for you.

I’d really like you to give it a try, especially if you use GitHub on a daily basis.

I promise there’ll be a version of this service unrelated to the contest in order to deliver better performances and results. But this won’t happen any time this week šŸ™‚


Go Gocountries!

I’ve had this post in the queue for a while.

Ironically, I ended up writing a tiny little wrapper around an awesome service that has to do with countries information fetching. I say ‘ironically’, because I’m about to change the country I live, actually. But that’s another story.
Going back to the tiny wrapper, it started just as a way to keep up with the Go language, which I like a lot but have few chances to play with, actually. Anyway, the tiny wrapper is around an awesome service run by fayder, RestCountries. There’s plenty of wrappers already, among which you can find the Ruby gem, restcountry, by a dear friend of mine, Daviducolo.

Guess which? šŸ˜›

BTW, there’s a glitch in the of this Go library. Can you spot it and fix it? I’d be happy to merge your pull request. šŸ™‚